Healthy Alternative to Vending Machines: Monumental Markets

With Monumental’s natural healthy vending in Washington DC, fast food doesn’t have to be junk food. Our Open Door Markets offer an excellent healthy alternative to traditional vending. Monumental’s Open Door Markets are a cost-free employee benefit, that offer freedom by giving your workplace access to innovative technology, convenience, health, and choice.


Monumental’s Open Door Markets offer the convenience of a vending machine, but with healthy alternative snacks and meals such as salads, sandwiches & wraps, yogurt, hummus, juice and assorted fresh products. When your team is pulling an all-nighter for a company project, you need the right fuel to sustain your productivity and morale. The Open Door Market is the solution to keep everyone engaged & energize.


The Open Door Market provides your employees a 24 hour access to an array of delicious, healthy items, increasing productivity by keeping employees energized. Going off site in search of food is lost time. Employees are more likely to stay on site and collaborate over a meal with great natural, healthy vending options at hand. And, with credit card payment options, there’s no need to scramble for change, or deal with old-fashioned vending machines that may steal your money. With Monumental’s Open Door Markets, you will have everything you need to keep employees going until your work is done.


Our natural healthy vending in Washington DC, Maryland and Virginia, offers your workplace low sugar, low fat, minimally processed foods to help boost energy without guilt or fear of a sugar crash. Customers love the healthy alternatives in Monumental’s Open Door Market because, unlike traditional vending machines, your employees can examine each product, reading the ingredient list and the nutrition information before purchasing. With hundreds of nutritious options, Monumental’s natural healthy vending offers convenience, without your having to sacrifice choice.


Monumental Open Door Markets are all about Innovation. With the latest technology, our Open Door Market vending offers convenient payment methods through credit and debit card payments or through the Monumental Market cards. What’s more, we employ technology with unobtrusive cameras and monitoring, to keep your Market secure. Finally, we utilize Energy Star equipment– technology that is twice as energy-efficient as a traditional vending machine. Not only are Monumental Open Door Markets healthy, they’re earth-friendly too!

If you are looking for a healthy alternative to vending machines for your workplace, consider our Monumental Open Door Markets for natural, healthy vending in Washington DC. Contact Monumental Vending today to learn more about our Open Door Markets.