Organic & Natural Vending Machines in Washington DC, Maryland, and Northern Virginia



Monumental Vending recently created a partnership with BKind Products, a Washington, DC-area company committed to providing healthy snack options. With the BKind program, customers can have a dedicated snack machine with the BKind label and 100% healthy / organic snacks. From chips to snack bars to fruit, our BKind machines offer a wide range of products to address the varying demands for healthy vending products.


Monumental Vending can customize a healthy vending program to meet a variety of needs. In addition to a dedicated BKind machine that contains 100% healthy/organic products, we also offer “blended machines” with a mix of healthy and traditional products. We can also “mark” the healthier options with green colored spirals or stickers so that consumers have guidance in making healthy choices.

Monumental Vending has made a significant commitment to healthy vending and we don’t just offer a few products. We have dozens of different healthy products to allow true customization. Plus, we provide many of the popular products that customers are familiar and comfortable with-not products customers have never heard of before. If a customer is looking for an organic vending option or a low sodium vending option or another healthy vending solution, we have the expertise to make that happen.

Healthy Vending Service


Unlike many new “healthy vending” companies that have just popped up recently, we’ve been refining our delivery and service model for more than 21 years. Not only can you get the healthy products you want, but with Monumental Vending, you get a company that knows how to keep the machines clean, filled, and working.

We deliver over 1 million products every month and maintain almost 3,000 vending machines. We know what we’re doing. So, you can have your healthy snacks or healthy drinks, and know that we’ll have your products in-stock and your machines up and working. What good is a healthy snack machine or healthy beverage machine if it’s empty, broken, or filled with out-of-date products?

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