Vending Machines for Colleges and Universities in Washington DC, Maryland, & Northern Virginia

For years, Monumental Vending has effectively provided snack and beverage vending services to many of the top universities and technical schools in the Baltimore/Washington, DC area. We understand the unique needs of college students to get a quick snack between classes or a boost of energy while studying.



We know that schools are faced with pressures to improve the food and drink options for their students, both in the cafeteria and in vending machines. Because of our extensive experience with dozens of colleges and universities, we understand how to put together a snack or beverage vending machines that fit nutritional requirements, and that have items students will purchase from a vending machine.

Student Needs

We also are aware that college students have unique needs and tastes and so we vary our product selections to meet those needs. We also know that students studying in a dorm have different demands for snacks or drinks than do students in a more social setting which are different than snack needs between classes. As a result, we don’t put out machines that have all the same products for every location.