Vending Machines for Schools in Washington DC, Maryland, & Northern Virginia

Monumental Vending has years of experience working with literally hundreds of private and public middle schools and high schools throughout Maryland, Washington, DC, and Northern Virginia. We understand the unique needs that come with providing snack and beverage vending to schools.


We know that schools are faced with pressures to improve the food and drink options for their students, both in the cafeteria and in vending machines. Because of our extensive experience with hundreds of schools, we understand how to put together a snack or beverage machines that fit nutritional requirements, and that have items school kids will purchase from a vending machine.



Delivering snacks and beverages to schools is often a balancing act because of all the activity. However, we have many solutions for minimizing our impact on the school day by servicing schools very early (our drivers leave our warehouse at 3:00 am) or timing our arrival between class breaks or just shutting down while children are going from class to class. Monumental Vending has also developed the expertise to get the product mix and delivery schedules right to avoid continual sold-outs and unhappy students.


For some school locations, we know that security can be a concern. For those few locations, we can provide vending machines with extra security features like grills in front of the glass, reinforced walls, and heavy duty padlocks.


With several of our school locations, we provide timers so that vending machines “turn off” during class times and are only “on” during lunch times and before/after school.