Vending Machine Installation in Washington DC, Maryland, and Northern Virginia

With almost 3,000 vending machines throughout the Baltimore and Washington, DC metropolitan areas, we’ve become experts in installing vending machines.


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After fully understanding the type of consumers that will use a particular vending machine and taking into account any specific requests, we put together a plan for the beverage vending machines and snack vending machines to maximize customer satisfaction in terms of variety and product demands. We also monitor sales to make adjustments where needed.

Prepping Machines

All vending machines are thoroughly inspected and prepped before they leave our warehouse for installation. We carefully set up the spirals and prices in our snack machines and the spacers, labels, and pricing for the beverage machines. We also spend extra time to assure that the machine has the right change tubes, that all the labels are correct, that all the selections work well, and that the vending machine is clean and working inside and out from compressors to light bulbs.

Moving In

Monumental Vending’s Role

  • Provide our clients with vending machines
  • Keep vending machines clean
  • Assure vending machines are filled
  • Keep machine down-time to a minimum
  • Provide optimal mix of products
  • Provide accurate reporting
  • Follow client guidelines
  • Efficiently refund any lost money

The Client’s Role

  • Provide a common area with an electrical outlet for machines
  • Allow Monumental Vending time and facility access, including badges if needed, to efficiently install and service machines
  • Provide feedback re: service and products


Although our equipment is newer and our guaranteed delivery system “Sure Vend” ensures that malfunctions are minimized, mishaps can occur. Therefore, Monumental Vending offers several ways for the consumer to receive a refund. First, we can establish a refund bank in a convenient location such as a front desk or reception area. This allows the consumer to receive an instant refund. This bank is replenished through our Customer Service Manager on a regular basis (if it gets depleted).

Every vending machine displays a sticker with our phone number and we are happy to mail refunds back to the customer. All calls we receive for either a broken machine or refunds are logged into our computer system, and must be resolved to the satisfaction of our customer before it can be closed in our system.