Vending Machine Monitoring

handheld monitors

At Monumental Vending, we don’t just set up a vending machine and ignore it. We are continually receiving volumes of data about sales for each machine. We are constantly monitoring the vending data and we use that information to adjust the product mix and enhance service.

Monitoring to Determine Product Mix

A beverage vending machine on the 7th floor likely has a different sales pattern than a beverage vending machine on the 9th floor. At Monumental Vending, we don’t treat those two machines the same, even if they’re at the same company. Instead, we monitor vending sales data and adjust the product mix accordingly.

handheld monitors

If something isn’t selling in a machine, we’ll swap it out for a different product that might sell better. If we discover a product that is selling very quickly, we’ll look to add another column of that product or add a column of another, similar product. Monumental Vending thinks of each machine separately and we look to merchandise each machine according to actual usage patterns.

All this vending machine monitoring and adjusting of products may take time, but ultimately we know that it will lead to a better vending experience.