Vending Machine Repair and Maintenance in Washington DC, Maryland, and Northern Virginia

When one of our vending machines is down due to a mechanical problem, it’s a big concern to us and to our clients. As a result, we take several steps to reduce problems and shorten vending machine repair times:

  1. We use newer vending machines
  2. We find out quickly about potential problems
  3. We have a team of experts to fix any vending machine problem
  4. We track issues over time and replace problematic vending machines


Newer Vending Machines

We have the newest vending machines in the Washington / Baltimore metropolitan area. We bring in new vending equipment all the time and sell our old machines to our competitors. We know that newer vending machines are less likely to be in need of repair or maintenance. We also use models and manufacturers who produce top quality, reliable vending machines including Crane and Dixie-Narco and we sell our old vending equipment to our competition.

Finding Problems


Like any mechanical device, problems do occur from time to time. When a vending machine does have a problem, we want to know about it right away so we can dispatch a technician to make repairs. We have our machines call us if they detect a possible problem, we have our phone number on all of our machines, and our drivers are constantly on the look-out for potential problems.

Fixing Problems


We have a full team of vending machine technicians and Route Supervisors available to be dispatched to solve problems. We thoroughly train our technicians on how to repair our vending machines. Each technician has a full supply of parts on his/her truck and we have plenty of machines in the warehouse should we need to replace or repair a broken vending machine.

Tracking Problems

We log in every service call to our database so that we can know if a certain vending machine is having problems more often than normal. When this occurs, we usually just go ahead and replace the vending machine as preventative maintenance.