Vending Machine Pre-Kitting

pre-kitting crew

While pulling all the items a driver needs before leaving the warehouse may seem like an obvious choice for all vending companies, the reality is that few have invested the resources to make vending machine pre-kitting work. Most other vending companies simply load up their drivers with cases of what they might need that day and send them on their way.

monumental employeeBecause we have accurate data, we can prepare the order specifically for each driver each day. After analyzing the next day’s needs, we send the order to our product warehouse for our crew to pull for the drivers.

The products for each vending machine are pulled separately based on exactly what that machine needs. Our sophisticated fulfillment system allows us to pull about 50,000 items an evening-enough to fill around 500 machines each day.

monumental employeeBy pre-kitting for each stop we have virtually eliminated mistakes and allowed our drivers to spend their time filling and cleaning vending machines. This process also assures that the driver doesn’t “run out” of some products towards the end of their route as is common for other vending companies.

By pre-kitting, Monumental Vending also helps assure that snack products aren’t damaged in transport. The snacks for each vending machine are carefully stored in a separate bin instead of spread out throughout the truck and rifled through all day.