SureVend™ – Guaranteed Vending or Your Money Back!

Guaranteed Vending or Your Money Back!

surevend-technology-logoAll of the vending machines deployed by Monumental Vending come equipped with SureVend™ technology. As the SureVend™ website explains:

“SureVend™ is an innovative advance in vending technology that guarantees product delivery or their money back. This system uses light sensors to detect whether or not a product has been dispensed. If no product is dispensed, SureVend™ will instruct the machine to turn the spirals a second time.

“After three attempts to vend, the customer is offered the option of selecting another product or obtaining a refund. Spirals are then returned to the ‘home’ position to ensure the best product presentation. The system will work in all lighting conditions and temperatures making it suitable for the entire range of spiral driven units.

“Traditionally, if a product got ‘caught up’ instead of dropping into the tray customers would not receive the product and lose their money. Problems can also occur if a spiral is empty-the vending machine will continue to vend but no product will drop. In these situations the SureVend™ system will ensure that customers either receive their selected product or a refund.”

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