Vending Machine With Credit Card Reader

If your business facility has old-fashioned vending machines, you’ve probably heard someone wish for a vending machine with a credit card reader. You may have even wished for it yourself. Few things are as frustrating when it’s snack time and you need just a bit of fuel to get through the morning, only to find you are out of cash. Fear not. Monumental Vending provides premium vending machines with credit card readers in Washington DC, Maryland, and Virginia. In a city where many are constantly on the move, we value easy access to a quick bite that can help fuel our days.

dasani-vending-employee Our vending machines with credit card readers in Virginia, Maryland, and Washington DC, offer a safe, secure, easy way to obtain the snacks you want. Monumental Vending offers a variety of treats, from pastries, to candies, to natural, healthy options. And we customize our selection based on our clientele’s wishes. Do your university students love Pop Tarts before class? Employees need a sweet caffeine boost? Does your fitness center offer sports drinks and healthy snacks to restore you after a workout? With Monumental Vending, they can have it all, without having to dig through wallets, desks, and gym bags for loose change. It’s easy to get what you want quickly using Monumental’s vending machines with credit card readers in Maryland, DC, and Virginia.

Cash-only vending machines are inconvenient. Many of us go to machines simply hoping we have cash, or believing we do, only to open our wallets and find them as empty as our growling stomachs. What can be even more frustrating, is having the cash, and watching the machine reject our bills repeatedly, because they are too old, worn, or creased. This leads us to either sit with our hunger or thirst, or leave the task at hand in search of food. Often, this food is costlier, or, if we pay with a card, we may have to pay a credit/debit card minimum before getting what we want. If you are an employer with a cash-only vending machine in your office, you could be losing valuable time and productivity to hunger.

Cash is easy to lose, can be eaten by machines, and is harder to track. There’s no fear of losing your money when it’s on your card, and Monumental Vending offers SureVend technology to ensure you receive your snack or get your money back. Your employees and customers will appreciate our easy, secure payment methods. Of course users can also pay for their snacks and drinks with bills, as with any normal machine. Monumental Vending installs vending machines with credit card readers throughout the Washington DC area, in courthouses, schools, gymnasiums, office buildings and more. For more information on our vending machines with credit card readers, contact Monumental Vending today.