Wireless Vending Monitoring

Monumental Vending was the first company in the nation to install wireless “phones” in all of our nearly 3,000 vending machines. We actually helped develop and test this technology to help us provide better service to our vending clients. Even today, only a handful of companies across the nation have deployed wireless vending monitoring to all of their vending machines.


Before wireless vending monitoring, filling a vending machine involved a bit of guess work. A vending company could look at rough past sales data and estimate what a machine was likely to need – but that was still a guess. A surge in vending sales, for any reason, would go undetected until the driver arrived on their regularly scheduled service day. At that time, the driver would likely not have all the products that were needed to fill up the machine and much of the vending machine would have been empty for several days.


At Monumental Vending, our beverage and snack machines actually send sales information to us wirelessly. This way we know how many items are left of each product. Then we schedule accordingly. If a machine is running empty we simply put it on the schedule for the very next day.

Having wireless monitoring data allows Monumental Vending to provide our clients with a much higher level of customer service than other vending companies. We don’t set up a schedule and then stick with it no matter what. We analyze the sales data every day and then service the vending machines that need products the next day. We provide service to our clients on the basis of their needs, not based on our convenience.

Deploying and maintaining wireless vending technology, and paying for data fees is an additional cost to us but the investment is worth it in the just-in-time service we’re able to provide that no one else can. Our just-in-time service is what allows us to provide the freshest products to you.